Spruce Street Harbor Park Engagement Session

New Jersey Modern Wedding Photographer  -  Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia

I love finding engagement session locations that are fun and meaningful.  During our planning, Irmina filled me in on some of their favorite dates: "We love going to breweries, we love hiking, we love grabbing tea at cute local shops (or at least I do, and I drag Matt along for the ride - he smiles through it, so it's ok)."  How freaking cute are they?! 

Spruce Street Harbor Park (designed to act like a board walk, along Philly's waterfront) is one of my favorite summer locations for fun.  It was also the location of Matt + Irmina's first real date, so I jumped at the chance to photograph them in this space.  We wandered along the water, had a couple beers, and created cozy moments amidst the crowded waterfront.  

Irmina + Matt:  I hope this upcoming year is the perfect mixture of wild adventures and cozy snuggling.  With each new place you make home (they are going to be traveling the country!), I hope you learn something new about each other that will continue strengthen your already awesome love story.  I'm already counting down until next September!  Cheers!!

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