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This family holds such a special place in my heart.  Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of capturing moments of their story, from maternity photos to their newborn session, and now Max's first birthday.  I'm so glad that they decided to celebrate Max's birthday with portraits + playtime at the park.  This gave me the opportunity to witness and document the true essence of their family - Dad being silly, Mom being tender, and Max's wild curiosity with his sidekicks, Doug and Julianna's bear.  We wrapped up the session with ice cream at The Pop Shop, which is how I secretly wish all afternoons would end. 

After receiving their photos, Irene wrote me a message that fully encapsulates why I love lifestyle sessions, and why I think its so important to regularly document your family.  Irene, thank you so much for these sweet words and thank you for letting me continue to capture your family's story.  Happy Birthday, Max!  


"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We love them.  Of course.  We are so pleased with how they turned out.  The colors are amazing.  I was concerned being November that it would have passed that sweet spot of fall, but we had such a perfect day and the background couldn't be better.  You picked such a great spot in the park.  

Of course, I'm quick to pick out all of my perceived flaws in a few of the pictures, (hair isn't right, I hate my teeth, I look fat, etc.).  But somehow, none of that bothers me when I see these pictures.  I just see us and I love them and I am so glad to have these moments documented and to actually be a part of it instead of being off camera.  

This is how Max will remember me, and he will (hopefully) look at these pictures someday in the far off future and love them as much as we do."  - Irene

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