Meet Max, Newborn Lifestyle Session - South Jersey Newborn Photographer

Meet Max.  Here he is 10 days old and this is what life looked like on that November morning.  Bath time.  A little jam session.  Lots of snuggles.  And so so much love.

Thank you, Irene and Nick for letting me into your world to document this piece of your parenthood journey.  You are two of the most beautiful, genuine, and loving souls that I have encountered.  Get ready, Max, the adventure is just beginning.

As a new mom (can having a nine month old please still count as new?!), I'm constantly whispering to myself "remember this moment" - as I wash soap out of my son's hair, and as I pull him into bed for a lazy morning snuggle session, and as I try to wrestle the third outfit of the day onto his ever-wiggling arms. I wish I could give these moments permanence. He reminds me, almost daily, how fleeting these moments are. I'd love to give your moments permanence - the messy, frustrating, love-filled, magical moments of your every day.

Many photographers, myself included, use the word "lifestyle" to describe these type of photo sessions. I'm struggling to find a better word, because they aren't stylized, they're just life. Your life.

This is what two hours with Max's family looks like. If this type of session appeals to you, regardless of your children's ages, please reach out and we'll set up a day to hang out. What part of your day do you want to capture?

Bridget Massa