Welcome Cooper! At Home Fresh 48 - South Jersey Newborn Photographer

Meet Cooper.  Here, he is 5 days old.  Small, mighty, and welcomed with so much love.

Sunday, we were scheduled to take maternity photos.  Saturday, little Cooper decided he couldn't wait any longer to join us.  I mean, who can blame him?! We're awesome!   I love a good baby bump, but there isn't anything more magical than a newborn's head in his proud parents' hands.  

As hectic as an unexpected delivery can be, Chelsea and Jeff handled it with such strength and grace.  Instead of welcoming Cooper in Virginia as planned, he entered in New Jersey, with friends and grandparents awaiting his arrival.   These same friends and family added so much extra warmth and magic to their lifestyle newborn session, as we all just hung out in the living room, in awe of Cooper.  This living room has housed so many game nights, deep conversations, and laughter.  It was the perfect place to welcome Cooper into this circle of love. 

I feel so fortunate to have witnessed these early days of Cooper's adventure.  Congratulations, Jeff and Chel!  I have a feeling Coop has plenty of other unexpected things in store for you.

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