Hi.  I'm Bridget.

(and that's my little bud, Jake.)


I'm a wife + momma. Lover of coffee, farmer's markets, and being barefoot.  I believe the best moments are the unscripted ones (which, lets keep it real, most moments with kids are unscripted).  I love catching and documenting the in-between, and moments of connection.  


I love digging through boxes of old photos.  I truly cherish photos of my parents from when they were my age, doing parenting for the first time.  It's such a gift to look back and see them, as my son sees me now.  

Do you find yourself clinging on to moments, wishing you could make them last?  I'm constantly whispering to myself, "remember this moment" - as I wash soap out of my son's hair, and as I pull him into bed for a lazy morning snuggle session, and as he sits on the counter to help me prep dinner.  I wish I could give these moments permanence.  He reminds me, almost daily, how fleeting these days are.  

I'd love to document what parenthood looks like for you.

I like to take a lifestyle documentary approach to photography: think less posed, curated moments, and more real life.  I know, this can sound a little scary, but I promise, it's so worth it.  Click here to read more about why I know you're hesitant to book a session (yes, I'm a mind reader), and why I think you should do it anyway.  Hint: you are beautiful, valued, and amazing.

Things I Hold To Be True:

● I believe that birth is not gross, vulgar, or taboo.  It is the start of each of us - a monumental occasion that should be celebrated.

● I know that there is no right way to labor, give birth, or parent.  Everyone's experience is their own.  I believe in researching the facts, standing confident in your own decisions, and welcoming the unpredictable.

● I believe in owning your chaos.  I know that life is messy, frustrating, and contains moments that continually test our strength and character.  I don't believe these moments should be wished away, rather they should be cherished, preserved, and reflected on.  My keys to surviving these moments are good friends, deep conversation, and chocolate.

● I believe that motherhood is not a singular, straight-forward role.  And because of this, adjusting to motherhood is not a straight-forward task.  It involves discovering new truths in your body, your partnership, and your patience.  I know all of this can be a struggle.

● I believe in community over competition.  I believe in creating sisterhood and having a village of support.  These are essential to our well-being, both as women and parents.

● I believe in laughing at yourself, dancing in the kitchen, and being affectionate, as often as possible.

Why Birth Photography?

Nine months is a long time to set expectations for what your birth story will be.  Unfortunately, even after all the planning in the world, babies still enter on their own terms.  My son was born in April 2015, and his birth story didn't quite go as planned.  I ended up getting induced for medical reasons, and with that, the expectations of a natural birth quickly faded.  It was the first birth I was ever present for, and the whole experience still feels so surreal.  Throughout my labor, I kept a list of random notes in my phone in an attempt to document the day.  It wasn't until labor started that I really felt the gravity of this monumental occasion and I wanted some way to preserve this day.

After Jacob arrived, I handed my camera to Joe.  While I'm so glad to have these few photos, our new baby just arrived and these were his first magical moments as a dad.  I don't have any of the three of us together, and I wish that I allowed him to be in the moment more, with someone else available to capture our first moments as a new family. 

Birth is one of the most important events of your life, and it deserves to be preserved.  While the baby at the end is the long-awaited gift, documenting the labor process is also such a moving part of your birth story.  I love that images of labor allow women to see themselves as the strong, powerful, life-giving beings that they are.  These images act as the perfect reminder that you are beautiful and capable through all of the challenging moments of motherhood that are to follow.  

If you're currently expecting and interested in having beautiful images of your baby's birth story, please reach out and we'll chat about your birth plans. I'd be happy to answer any questions, or just talk motherhood:  hello@bridgetmassa.com