If you're following along, please bear with me.  I've been busy loving on clients, living life, and trying to find time to practice self-care.  Editing personal photos has taken a bit of a pause. 

But I do know that documenting these "ordinary" moments is so worth it.   AND if i put them here, it means they aren't just going to die in the never-to-be-seen-again digital abyss.  

It's crazy to see how much our life has already changed this year.  Jake just won't stop growing :)

What are you doing with your every day family photos?  I'd love to hear what you love to do with your photos.  And if they are just sitting on your phone, let this be a challenge to print, post, and (seriously, for the love of god) back up your photos.  Your phone is one rushed potty break away from landing in the toilet - I know, I've been there ($$$ *all the sad faces*).


365: 15

I brought Jake in our bed after he woke up to squeeze in some sweet morning snuggles.

I long for the days when I was nursing him and he would snuggle between us on weekend mornings.

Now, mornings are filled with wrestling, tickles, and running wildly.  And bacon - the boy loves bacon.


365: 9

I love when days end like this.

365: 8

Walked to brunch. Jake's face gets so red in the cold.

Staying in. Watching football + taking naps.

And yes, our tree is still up.

There's a pot of chili on the stove and I've been huddled over my laptop, editing and posting (yes, back dating) the last 7 days.  I feel the continuous pull between work, personal projects (like this) and being present for my family.  I'm hoping to find a better balance over the next 357 days.


365: 7

More snow.  Took a walk outside with Daddy, but enjoyed it more from the window.

Lots of snuggling on the couch + reading books over and over again. Go Dog Go is the current favorite, as it combines Jake's three passions: dogs, cars, and saying the word go.

Finally getting a handle on this clingy sleep regression.  It's not pretty, but we're working on it.

365: 5

Everyone needs a nap. Or two.

I wish I could have captured us snuggling on the couch without disturbing the moment.  

My camera remote needs batteries so I've had to set the timer - Jake looks at the camera every. single. time.

365: 4

The sleep struggle is real.

Super clingy. Went to bed at midnight. Woke at 3am. Went back to sleep at 7am (day 5).

Our house is a mess. Joe and I are running on no sleep.

365: 3

Back to work.

When Jake gets really upset, he calls me Mummy.  Love the sweet little voice. Hate the tears.

365: 2

Final day of the holiday break.

Resting + playing.

365: 1

New Years Day.

Snuggling. Playing. Football. Dancing.

Pajamas all day.

The holidays have left Jake with a super clingy sleep aversion.  I've been holding him a little tighter and rocking him a little longer these days.